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Camping Paradis Domaine de Bel Air has been awarded the Clef Verte label since 2011

Theecolabel guarantees responsible tourism at Paradis campsites that strive to limit their environmental impact.

Our Camping uses environmentally-friendly products and clean-energy equipment wherever possible. Without ever reducing your comfort, Camping Paradis takes care to limit energy and water consumption, reduce waste production and promote renewable energies… The aim of our establishment is to achieve constant improvement in everyone’s awareness that an environmental approach is essential.

Our grass clippings are sent to a methanizer to produce electricity. That’s about 250 cubic meters a year. Winter hedge trimming means over 500 cubic meters of compost every year.

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Enjoy a more responsible vacation at a Paradis Clef Verte Camping

Our approach is geared towardseco-friendly accommodation.

Energy efficiency: low-energy light bulbs, double glazing, A-class refrigerator.

  • Waste management: selective sorting containers.
  • Ecological management of green spaces,
  • Water management: reducer, prevention of leaks and fight against waste.

Do as we do and adopt our ecological approach during your stay at Camping Paradis in South Finistère:

  • Sort your waste according to our instructions
  • Don’t waste water
  • Don’t leave lights on unnecessarily in mobile homes
  • It’s best to walk around the Domaine and around the Paradis Camping…

Selective sorting :

You won’t find any garbage cans at Camping Paradis: to keep the site as clean as possible, rubbish bins are available in the parking lot at the entrance to Camping Paradis.

Please follow the selective sorting instructions very precisely: glass, cardboard, plastic and household waste must each be separated in its own container.

Two battery recycling bins are available at reception and in the store.

I’m thinking about the environment, even on vacation!

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Quality camping near Quimper

Camping Paradis Qualité: a commitment to quality shared by all Camping Qualité is our guide to continuous improvement, but also, and above all, the secret to a vacation where nothing is left to improvisation.

For you, it’s the official sign that lets you choose quality without making a mistake.

To commit to the Camping Paradis Qualité label is to adopt a way of doing and thinking that begins long before your arrival. All year round, we organize your welcome, structure the pitches, build the facilities, program the activities, ensure cleanliness and take care of the natural environment according to exacting specifications that have become a trademark focused on your satisfaction.

When you choose to go on vacation at a ParadisCamping with the Camping Qualité label, you can be sure of a great vacation. To obtain our label, Domaine de Bel Air is audited on the basis of a grid comprising numerous criteria. If we score high enough, we join the “Camping Qualité” network. Secondly, to ensure that we continue to respect the charter, we are regularly audited. This allows us to ensure that the services we offer are of the highest quality.

Camping Qualité is also an ethical and fair booking site. In fact, all reservations are commission-free, and free of charge for Paradis campsites.

The 6 “Camping Qualité” commitments are :

  • A warm welcome
  • Impeccable cleanliness
  • Accurate and truthful information
  • Private, well-kept location
  • Respect for the environment
  • A strong commitment to eco-responsibility

Camping Paradis accessible PMR near Quimper

At the Paradis Camping near Quimper, people with reduced mobility can be accommodated thanks to a number of improvements:

  • Two rental models, “Tentation” and “Pirouette”.
  • Reserved and marked parking space,
  • Access to all 3 pools for enhanced comfort and safety,
  • Sanitary facilities with 2 cabins specially dedicated to MPs,
  • Washing machines and tumble dryer, suitable for PRM,
  • A reception designed to be accessible to all,
  • A gentle slope to facilitate access from the Camping to the leisure park,
  • An emergency call telephone panel.

We also try to make it as comfortable as possible for people with reduced mobility to get around the estate, at reception, the pool, the bar and the restaurant.

The Parc de Loisirs, with its entertainment room, bar and sanitary facilities, will enable people with disabilities to make the most of a vacation in the middle of greenery and flowers in this magnificent leisure area.

To ensure you have a pleasant stay on our estate, we recommend that you get in touch with one of our advisors to assess together whether or not Camping Paradis is fully adapted to people with reduced mobility.

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